Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a very eventful Halloween weekend. We decorated pumpkins, went to a ward trunk or treat, and then on Halloween we went and trick or treated on Grandma Lemieux's neighborhood. We dressed Clate as a cowboy because we knew that would be the only thing he would keep on, but he wouldn't wear his hat or his chaps...stinker! Clate slept through the whole Trunk or Treat and then pretty much cried and rode in the stroller the whole time while trick or treating, until the last few houses, and then I think he realized that you get candy when you walk up to the door and say "trick or treat." Sawyer had a great time at both events, as long as she had a sucker she was happy. This year she was a cow and a cat:) It was fun to have my Aunt Kelly and my cousins come out with us. And of course Uncle Tom. He actually came and stayed with us for a couple of weeks, the kids really had a good time with him, and he also had a great time. We had a lot of fun!


Colorado Ranch October 2011

In October we went to go visit some of our besties in Utah/Colorado and Marc got to fulfill his ranch hand duties, Clate got to witness some cowboys at work, ride with dad and round up cows (and of course take after his dad and fall asleep on his horse), Sawyer got a lot of attention from all the girl cousins who love babies, and she for some reason loved Uncle Justin and his growdy beard, and I got to hang out with Lace and all the fun ranch ladies, cooking cleaning, and of course gabbing! It was so fun to visit with the whole Ivins clan, we are lucky to have such awesome friends that let us bombard them during there busy working time!
Cutest pic of Clate and Sawyer on the quad

Clate relaxing as we visited the old ranch house
Cowboys at workMarcus and Sawyer

Clate roping the cows in the distance.

Clate really loved having a lot of boys around, but they were still a little too old for him. They would leave to go build forts in the forest and Clate would try to keep up but he couldn't and he would get so sad. Maybe next year!

Sea World/ San Diego 2011

(sorry these pics are way out of order)

So back in September we took the annual trip with the high school cross country team to San Diego, this year we were lucky enough to leave a day earlier and go to Sea World. My mom wanted to take Denton and Hadlee and the Grandkids (Clate and Sawyer) to Sea World. I was really excited since I had never been to Sea World myself. It was so much fun! It was fun to see all of the animals and just watch the kids faces light up while watching the Shamu show, and the dolphin show. The rides were also a big hit with the kids! They really loved the tea cups...me not so much, those kind of killed me for the next few rides. Clate loved the shark tunnel, and Sawyer loved being outside:) Thanks Grandma for taking us to Sea World it was awesome

The following day we went and watched the cross country race in the morning and then went to the beach:) It was fun to take the kids to the beach! Clate had fallen asleep on the way there so when he woke up it took him a little while to get in a good mood. Once he was happy he loved it! He loved to try and stand on the boogie board as the water would come to him and pull the boogie board back into the ocean, he thought he was a surfer. Sawyer loved playing in the sand and running into the water she is for sure fearless! She also was a crack up when we were catching sand crabs she thought they were so cool, she even tried eating a few. ha ha.
Another highlight of the beach day was watching Grandpa try to skim board, he took some pretty narly falls it was hilarious. He would still get up and try again and was getting mad because he wasn't as agile as he used to be ha ha! I also had this great picture idea for the kids. I wanted to write their names in the sand and then get a picture of them...ha ha you will see how well that went
Clate "surfing" in his speedo aka swim diaper

some of the sand crabs we caught, believe it or not

Me, Sawyer, and Hadlee

Sawyer eating a sand crab

Showing her the crab...Hadlee and my dad aka grandpa

Clate's name picture

Sawyer's name picture...she was happy
Denton and Hadlee on the Sky ride at Sea World

Me, and Sawyer with pops

Grandpa and Clate
Clate and Sawyer building sand castlesour favorite Sea World ride!

Taking a pic with Shamu

don't judge me by Sawyers sun burned face...i felt so awful
lesson learned even if it is cloudy and cold in Cali...wear sun screen

Clate all excited about the Sharks

Shark tunnel

Awesome dolphin show

3D movie...love this pic!

mom and Denton on the Rapid ride!

Shamu car
Grandma/Mom with the kids at the entrance

In the coolest hotel room...two room suite with bunk beds in one room!

Cute pic with Grandma and Hadlee

The stuffed animal Denton won

mine and Had's cute hats at sea world

Sunday, September 11, 2011


So we finally had a good storm hit us! Yesterday we were watching a football game and a warning thing popped up on the TV...it said there was a tornado warning for Pinal county but closer to Tucson, we kind of laughed but thought it was kind of freaky too. We didn't really see how it was possible because it was stinkin hot and sunny. Clate had been sick all day and we needed to get out of the house for a bit, so we put the kids in the stroller and decided to walk to our backdoor neighbors. We walked out side and it was raining...not hard but with huge drops. And it was the weird kind of rain because it was super sunny but raining. We decided to still take the walk because we thought it was going to go away...but oh how we were wrong! We turned the corner to the neighbors and it was suddenly dark and pouring...then came the hail! My next thought was crap, this is what happens in Twister right before the tornado hits! I was also thinking of my brother Sherod on his mission in OK and how we were going to see a tornado before him. Well we didn't get a tornado, but got a nice storm ! I took some pictures of what looks like a tornado...
Started like this and then...

Then it turned into this...kind of looks like a tornado

Little raggidy Sawyer playing outside after the storm

Trying to splash in a puddle

Clate the sicky-poo watching one of his favorite movies Toy Story

Friday, September 9, 2011

pInK sPaGhEtTi

So you might be asking what the heck is pink spaghetti AKA "skettis?" Well it is a Hardt family secret recipe that is quite simple, consisting of noodles, tomato sauce and some butter. You might be thinking that sounds GROSS, but it is amazing. We have had many friends and family who didn't like the idea at first, then we make em' try it and I am pretty sure they LOVE it! I must admit we eat it almost everyday (yes we are cheap), but the kids can't live with out it. Here are some pictures of Sawyer chowing down her "sketti!" If you are skeptic...come over and I will make it for you, and make you a believer:)
Isn't she cute?
Sometimes the kids get a bit messy while eating it:)

Lovin' Lunch